BAR_ACT_LOG- Location of the Onbar Activity log.

BAR_MAX_BACKUP- Maximum number of concurrent process that can be run. A value of 0 here will be interpreted as unlimited. When doing a whole system backup/restore, Onbar ignores this parameter. It is usually a good idea to restrict this to the number of tapedrives storage manager is running. Onbar will start a new process for each dbpsace it has to restore (assuming it has not reached BAR_MAX_BACKUP).

BAR_RETRY- The number of time OnBar will retry a connection if its previous attempt had failed.

BAR_XFER_BUF_SIZE- This of the buffer that onbar sends to the storeage manager. The Units are in page size. The default is 31.

BAR_NB_XPORT_COUNT- The number of transport buffers that each OnBar process will use.

BAR_DEBUG- The level of debugging that onbar will trace. Values are 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9. Level 1 will show minimal debugging, while 9 will show everything including every page head that is being archived. NOTE The output that is generated from BAR_DEBUG is intended more/less for Technical Support or R & D. It would probably not make too much sence to a regular customer as a means of them debugging any problems. See Debugging Onbar for more information on setting this parameter.

BAR_DEBUG_LOG- The location where OnBar will dump all of its tracing from BAR_DEBUG.

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