The purpose of this tool is to measure how fast Informix/Onbar can perform an archive(backup) without any overhead from the SM. When a backup is taken, Onbar sends the data to this library instead of the Storage Manager. This library does not store the data. It just throws it away.

How To Use:
To use this library you must compile the C code to a shared library. Next you must insert a new rown into the sysutils:bar_version table. The insert statement will look like the following:
insert into bar_version values ("1", "0.1.0", "mjt", "1");
Then set the Onconfig parameter BAR_BSALIB_PATH to its new location (BAR_BSALIB_PATH /tmp/ Once that is done you can perform a backup using your normal onbar command (onbar -b, onbar -b -w, ...). You can measure the time it takes for it to complete by looking at the BAR_ACT_LOG.
You should compare this time to the take it takes to do a backup WITH the Storage Manager. If there is a significant difference in time, then the performance bottleneck is in the Storage Manager.

When Onbar does a backup it records the completion of that backup in the sysutils database and the $INFORMIXDIR/etc/ixbar. file. Onbar has no knowledge that the data it sent to the library was "thrown away". Therefore, once you are finished using this library, you should reset BAR_BSALIB_STUB to it origional values and perform a "real" backup to you Storage Manager. That way, if you had to perform a restore, Onbar would not try to retreive the backup it sent to the baststub library

Not avalable yet. please email for an advanced copy.

Compiling the Source"
You must compile the source code to a "shared library". On Solaris platforms the complie lines will look like the following"
cc bsastub.c
ld bsastub.o -G -o
Note: An eror will be generated from the first command. However the bsastub.o will be produced which is what you need for the following ld command. 1