IBM ADSM 2.1.5

Setting up ADSM with OnBar
Be sure to follow the instructions provides in the ADSM installation guide to install ADSM and perform the setup necessary to utilize ADSM with OnBar. The following is mearly a brief overview of these steps:
  1. Install and configure ADSM XBSA (According to its install guide).
  2. set pasword = generate.
  3. Verify/create link to ibsad001.a

    ln -s /usr/lpp/adsmapi/bin/libXApi.a /usr/lib/ibsad001.a

  4. Create ADSM script to execute Onbar commands (if you want to to backups from the ADSM gui.
  5. Set up Environment variables.
    DSMI_CONFIG pathname and file name for the dsm.opt file.
    DSMI_LOG the pathname and filename of the dsierror.log file.
    DSMI_DIR the pathname of the dsm.sys and dsmatptica files.
    The DEFAULT is /usr/lpp/adsm/bin.

Misc peices of info reguarding ADSM:

QUESTION: Why I get the error message not able to connect to ADSM Server?

ANSWER: In the process of ADSM client software installation, The red book talks about adding lines to dsm.sys file (in chapter 6) for the Servername. It does not talk about adding some more lines. These lines are needed for Informix's onbar to work with ADSM. If we do not insert these lines into the file we get the above error message.

ADSM server to which the client ADSM talks
TCPPort        XXXX 
   ## Should be the port number used for
   ## informix server in services file
COMMmethod   TCPip
   ## Communication method if it is TCP.
TCPServeraddress XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
   ## ADSM Server Address in the host file
Passwordaccess  GENERATE  
   ## Should be used in ordere to not to ask
   ## password in the backup and restore    
   ## process.

COMMTIMEOUT parameter info.

Commtimeout specifies the maxcimum number of seconds that the ADSM server waits during a database update for an expected message from a client, before terminating the session with the client. The server terminates the session to release communications resources as sonn as possible, and to ensure that the database locks are not held for undue periods of time.

Taken from pg. 54 of the ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager for AIX Version 2: "Installing the Server and Administrative Client" book.

Restores failing with signal 11 in BSAGetData
OS: IBM AIX 4.1.3 using ADSM. 
To solutions to try:
1) Add the line 'uselargebuffers  no' to the dsm.opt file.
2) If ADSM is using compression then there is a know ADSM problem.  In the 
   case I worked with, the customer got an unnamed 'patch' for this problem 
   and it solved the issue the name was ptfi.tar.
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