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Ontario Canada Informix User Group (OCIUG)
About/Policies and Procedures


The Ontario Canada Informix Informix User Group (OCIUG) is a non-profit organization. The organization of OCIUG includes a president and a board of directors. The group is structured as described below.

Meeting Schedule/Information

Meetings will take place as needed by the members and within the time availability of the OCIUG board and IBM. Our target is to have a meeting once per quarter. Unless otherwise specified, meetings will be free of charge and will include food, beverages, prizes, technical presentations and product information. The location will vary and will be listed on our Web site and in our e-newsletter.


You can contact Ron Flannery via email or at (248)887-8470x40.


The OCIUG is a volunteer organization that will be led by a president and board of directors. Current board:

We still need volunteers for the Board. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact either Ron or Jordan.


The OCIUG exists to help the members of the Ontario Canada Informix community. The group is a non-partisan means for users to get the information they need about Informix. Its main objectives are thus to:

- Keep members up-to-date on Informix and related products, events, and news.

- Allow members to remain aware of changing technologies.

- Listen to the input of members and change the group accordingly.

- Enable members to meet and interact with other members and vendors.

International Informix User Group

As a member in a local user group, you have a voice directly to Informix through the International Informix User Group (IIUG). Informix uses input from the IIUG to understand the needs of its developers and users. The IIUG is crucial to helping Informix benefit its users. As an IIUG member, you obtain full access to their Website ( as well as a nice discount on the Informix User Conference.


Presenters are chosen for the meetings based on their product's strength and how it might apply to Informix-related products. The presentation does not have to work for IBM products and can also be more generic, provided it will apply to the general interest of the group.

Communication with Members

To communicate with members, OCIUG uses its Website at and our E-newsletter.

For more information, contact OCIUG.

Unbiased User Group

One of the main purposes of OCIUG is to allow members to get an unbiased view of the Informix community. The group is not part of any company -- it is a volunteer group whose purpose is to benefit the Informix community. OCIUG members and officers are bound by the basic rule of the group: Use the networking time for exchange of whatever information you find appropriate. At no time will a recruiting or otherwise too sales-oriented presentation be allowed during meetings. This applies to recruiters, salespersons, and all others. Vendors doing presentations are allowed to incorporate their product into their presentations though it should be kept to a minimum.


One of the main reasons of the user group is to allow members to meet other members. While the group does not support marketing, recruiting, or other biased presentations during the meetings, the networking time can be used as the users see fit. Members are encouraged to get to know other members of the Informix community and exchange information.


Recruiting and/or soliciting for employee's is discouraged at OCIUG meetings. Please refrain from these activities as they are detrimental to the purpose and focus of the group, which is learning about Informix, not how you or your company may size up potential employers or employees. Thank You! Of course, what you do outside of the meetings is your choice. (Note that doesn't imply that you can set up a recruiting table down the hall from the meeting.)

Marketing Table

There will be a table at each meeting on which marketing and recruiting tables can be placed. The table will be set apart from the rest of the user group activities. If a member is interested, he or she can place marketing materials on this table.

Mailing Lists

OCIUG firmly believes in protecting the privacy of its members. The E-mail list will never be given to anyone that is not an officer at OCIUG (unless some information is needed for entrance to a meeting site). Further, any officer can use the list for OCIUG business only.