President:        Syed Kamal



Syed Kamal is the President of the North Texas Informix/IBM Users Group, and can be reached at

The North Texas Informix/IBM Users Group meets quarterly throughout the year. The meetings are held in the morning or afternoon usually at the IBM office. The group has about 80 members and the meeting agenda varies depending on the interests of the members. No membership dues are currently charged.  The group's main focus is the exchange of ideas and assisting one another in all areas of Informix Database Engines and Tools including 4GL. Non Informix users are not eligible to attend.

Further information about the group will be posted here throughout the year. Questions regarding the group and its activities can be directed to Mark Gale or Syed Kamal at the above email addresses.

Our next meeting is: Scheduled for July 31, 2007


    Extending Informix-4GL capabilities with FourGen CASE Tools, by Mike Steele & Syed Kamal
    David Smith's presentation from the meeting on April 17, 2002
    John Miller's "Archiving & Restoring" presentation from April 17, 2002
    John Miller's "Unlocking the Mysteries Behind Update Statistics" presentation on April 17, 2002
    Carlton Doe's "What's New in IDS 9.3??" presentation from the meeting on December 12, 2001


The local Dallas Informix/IBM Contact for the group is John Ringhofer:

Thanks for dropping by our site. This site is currently maintained by Gillani, Inc. and any website related inquiries can be sent to:

Syed Kamal

The North Texas Informix/IBM Users Group does not recruit or actively assist recruiters in finding Informix talent from our membership pool.  As a group we do not provide our membership list to any company. Our membership is considered private.  Because of the many requests for assistance, we will at least acknowledge the recruiters and assist them by providing a place for their names and phone numbers.  If you are interested please click here:  RECRUITERS PAGE

Previous Meetings:
October 2005 Meeting
July 2003 Meeting
October 2002 Meeting

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