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Informix on Linux Frequently Asked Questions With Answers Covering Informix-SE 7.24.UC5

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Kurt Wall, kwall@xmission.com

v0.4, 02 November 1998
This is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers related to the installation, configuration and use of the Informix Standard Engine and the ESQL/C development tool on Linux. It should, by all means, be considered a work in progress. It attempts to address the most frequently-encountered obstacles to getting Informix-SE installed and running on Linux. It is weak in certain areas, especially with respect to ODBC and ESQL/C. It does not attempt to give the reader a primer on relational database theory. Whole careers and shelves of books are dedicated to this subject. As time goes by, I hope to add a few pointers to the most relevant of these books.

1. Introduction

2. Obtaining the Software

3. Installation and Configuration

4. Running Informix

5. Having Problems?

6. Other Interfaces

7. Running SCO Binaries

8. Other Informix Products

9. Miscellaneous

10. Additional Resources

11. Credits

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