IIUG World 2018

The IIUG Conference Planning Committee
would like to thank our attendees, speakers
and sponsors for helping to make this years conference a success!

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Sessions are 1 hour long and cover a wide range of topics

Sessions will be held daily from Monday, October 29th to Wednesday the 31st

Sessions already selected for IIUG2018*:

  • The Replication Beast - Andreas Legner
  • Visualization aggregates in SQL - Ognjen Orel
  • Manage your time based data! - Mark Ashworth
  • Connecting with CONNECT BY - Andreas Legner
  • IBM Informix Dynamic Server 12.10 System Catalog - Radomir Hulka
  • Latest SQL features the reduce maintenance downtime - Jeffrey McMahon
  • Informix Wire Listener Updates and Improvements - Brian Hughes
  • Analytics with Python and Informix - Andreas Weininger
  • Informix 12 New Features Practically - Jan Musil
  • Query acceleration with IWA - Darin Tracy
  • Uninterruptable transaction with Informix! - Art Kagel
  • Monitoring and Measuring Informix with Prometheus - Spokey Wheeler
  • Security Best Practices - protect your enterprise not just your database - Pradeep Natarajan
  • J/Foundation - Server side extensions - Brian Hughes
  • Informix Extensibility - how does this work and why should I care? - Shawn Moe
  • Introduction To Connection Manager - Tom Beebe
  • Informix SQL Performance Tuning Tips - Jeff Filippi
  • On-line schema changes using loopback replication - Nagaraju Inturi
  • JDBC Features: Improvements and its Future - Brian Hughes
  • From Sensor to Edge to Cloud and Back: A Disruptive Outlook on how to do IoT Sensor Data Analytics - Alexander Koerner
  • Building an embedded application? Bring all the power of your enterprise database with you! - Shawn Moe
  • ER101 - Tom Beebe
  • DevOps for DBAs. - Benjamin Thompson
  • Optimizing the Operating System for the best Informix Database Performance - Lester Knutsen
  • Edge Analytics of industrial Production Automation Data w/ Hilscher's netIOT gateway & IBM Informix - Alexander Koerner
  • Heterogeneous Replication - Tom Girsch
  • Solving GDPR issues in Informix by Optim Test Data Management and Privacy - Jan Musil
  • Open Source does have a real cost!Activity TBD - Shawn Moe
  • Informix on Raspberry Pi 3 - Jan Musil
  • Automating Informix Deployments - Jeff Mitchell
  • External tables - what are they and why you should use them - Mike Walker
  • New enhancements in Informix CSDK including Open Source Drivers - Sheshnarayan Agrawal
  • Experience with Update Statistics - Benjamin Thompson
  • Loading and unloading with Informix - Jack Parker
  • SSL Certificate Management - David Desautels
  • Inside Chunks and Spaces - Andreas Legner
  • Sharding - a different way to look at your data - Shawn Moe
  • Database security: Best Practices - David Desautels
  • Is your DB overloaded with create tables - Sada Palanisamy
  • Got Data? What is a developer to do? - Kimi Cousins
  • DevOpsing Informix - Spokey Wheeler
  • Smart triggers - Nagaraju Inturi
  • RSS log replay performance improvements - Nagaraju Inturi
  • Hello! Your data is calling! - Art Kagel
  • Implementing Informix Encryption at Rest - Jeff Filippi
  • Docker & Informix - What can Docker do for you - Darin Tracy
  • IBM Informix Dynamic Server 12.10 xC11 New Features - Radomir Hulka
  • Using Informix in the Cloud - Nicholas Geib
  • Sensors on the Move: Tracking and Analysis of Moving Objects in IoT - Mark Ashworth
  • What's New in Informix - Nicholas Geib
  • New Informix SQL features: Common Table Expressions and more.... - Jinming Xiao

*Subject to change.

IIUG World 2018 - Washington, DC, USA - October 28 to November 1, 2018