Presentation Information

Presentation Title:   Experience with Update Statistics
Primary Speaker:   Benjamin Thompson
Have you tried running UPDATE
STATISTICS was for a long time
the main in-joke on the IIUG
technical forum, given as a
solution to almost any problem.
And sometimes it might even have
fixed the issue at hand. This
gloriously simple command hides a
lot of complexity behind it and
in this technical deep dive I
will be looking at strategies for
keeping your statistics up to
date on a larger busier system.
These strategies will help any
DBA no matter how large or busy
the system you manage is or if
you have just wondered what the
point of it all is.

The presentation covers using
Auto Update Statistics (AUS) to
manage your statistics but most
of the content is relevant no
matter what method you use.

If you have every wondered about
any of these things, this
presentation is for you.
- why do we update statistics at
- how often do I need to update
- how do I make statistics
gathering take less time?
- will the standard settings work
for me or do I need to tailor my
approach to specific tables?
- why I should I use AUS over any
other solution?
- when do I need to run UPDATE
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