Presentation Information

Presentation Title:   DevOps for DBAs.
Primary Speaker:   Benjamin Thompson
DevOps is ten years old this year and its principles and
ways of working are increasingly affecting the role of
DBAs. This presentation will look at some aspects of
DevOps and open source tools that can be used to
configure and monitor Informix systems. Moving to DevOps
is a journey many organisations have begun and this
presentation should be relevant if you're just starting
or some way along.

Starting with a brief history of DevOps and its
relationship with Agile Software Development, I will
cover aspects of the CAMS principles of Culture,
Automation, Measurement and Sharing as they pertain to
Informix and DBAs. As part of the culture part I will
show where DBAs fit into a DevOps orientated

Moving onto automation, I will give an overview of server
configuration using Chef and infrastructure-as-code
principles and code pipelines.

Measuring an Informix system is always a challenge and
I'll also show how you can ingest your log files using
Logstash for analysis and incident reporting. Finally
I'll cover a complete Grafana set up for Informix which
can easily be applied to any Informix system and shared
with your colleagues.
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