Presentation Information

Presentation Title:   Visualization aggregates in SQL
Primary Speaker:   Ognjen Orel
Did you know that it is possible to
create your own aggregates in
SQL? This is an old news for some
time now, but instead of being
limited to aggregates that return
a single value, it would be nice
to have ones that could provide
more information about the
aggregated data. Such information
could be obtained by data
visualization techniques, and
aggregate function could return
an image as a blob. This could
provide basic data science or
statistics features straight from

In this presentation, a case
study will be shown - how to
create an aggregate, how to
collect and visualize data within
an aggregate and how to return it
to the user. The examples will
cover the basic median non-visual
aggregate as well as histogram,
box-and-whisker and violin-plot
visualization aggregates.
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