IIUG Board Elections 2019

Each year the membership of the International Informix Users Group elects its Board of Directors. Anyone who became an IIUG member at least a month prior to the election is eligible to vote via online ballot at www.IIUG.org. This term for the new Board of Directors will begin on March 12, 2019.

The IIUG Board of Directors election is overseen by a Nominating Committee that supervises both the nomination process and the election. The members of Nominating Committee are appointed by the current Board of Directors.

The election is a democratic process whereby candidates who get the most votes and confirm their interest in a timely manner after being contacted will be confirmed as elected. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, votes are automatically tallied and manually validated by the members of the IIUG Nominating Committee who are not standing for election.

Candidates for the IIUG Board of Directors are selected by the IIUG Nominating Committee who try to find nominees that represent a wide geographical membership as well as a mix of product utilization, and who can meet the many and varied challenges and functions of the Board.

The IIUG Board of Directors election is underway.

If you are interested in becoming a Board member, please review the documents below regarding the duties of a Board member and the timeline for election.

Election Schedule: This document provides the timeline for the Board election

Board GuidelinesThis document explains the duties of IIUG Board Members.  If you are interested in becoming a board member, please carefully read this document.

Questionnaire: If you are not a current Board member, you must complete this questionnaire and submit it to IIUG Election Commissioner. Current Board members need only submit an updated election address.

Please submit completed documents to Andrew Ford at andrew@iiug.org by Monday January 21, 2019 to be considered for a Board position.