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What’s Happening in Informix world – November, 2015 Newsletter
IBM & Informix
IBM Informix announces the release of Informix v12.10.xC6 IBM Informix team announced on 24th of Nov, 2015, the release of IBM Informix v12.10.xC6, the latest fixpack of Informix v12 family. As expected, the release is full of striking features ( Click Here to get to know some)
What’s new in IBM Informix v12.10.xC6 IBM Informix v12.10.xC6 has a good set of feature additions. Get to know on the set of features that are added / enhanced in the latest release, in the What’s new in IBM Informix v12.10.xC6 section on Informix Knowledgecenter
IBM Informix extends it’s Platform Availability to IBM POWER8® With it’s latest release, IBM Informix v12.10.xC6, extends the platform availability / support to include IBM POWER8® for ppc64le with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
IBM SoftLayer beats AWS, Google and Azure The latest results on YCSB benchmark comparing IBM SoftLayer with Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure, are out. For Second Year in a Row, Cloud Benchmark Reveals IBM SoftLayer Nearly Three Times Faster than Amazon Web Services. The testing was carried out by a third party ACME Benchmarks who also published their story around the tests HERE.
Turn your mobile phone into an IoT device This blog and visual demo series, demonstrates how to create Bluemix apps to process, visualize, and store sensor data that is sent to and from your mobile phone and thus Turn your mobile phone into an IoT device.
Customer Success Stories
Read, Hear & see the Visuals
Get the first hand information from the Executives themselves:
Eurotech`s IoT gateway embeds Informix Take a sneak peak into the video, where Robert Andres- CMO at Eurotech talks about Informix and the Internet-of-Things gateway!
Raghu Nambiar – Distinguished Engineer – talks about Cisco- IBM partnership Listen to Raghu Nambiar – Distinguished Engineer, Data Center Business Group, Cisco, as he talks about Cisco – IBM partnership
IBM Champion Art Kagel shares his views on what makes Informix the most powerful database Hear out what Art Kagel, President & Principal Consultant, ASK Database Management, has to say on what makes Informix database server, the most power database in the current market.
Ardenta wins Analytics Award @ IBM Insight 2015 Ardenta gets Global Recognition as Informix Business Partner of the Year 2015 – 2016, as it wins Analytics award at IBM Insight conference held in Las Vegas, USA
Technical Features and Support
Appropriate Content: Informix Documentation Team The Informix 12.10.xC6 fix pack: full of features, as usual!
The IBM® Informix® team has added a good set of features to version 12.10.xC6, which is available since 11/24/2015. Get a sneak peak into the feature details.
Best Practices for Informix High Availability Get a hold of Informix Always – On High Availability best practices, by taking a quick look at the presentation deck, as shared on Slideshare
Developing Hybrid Applications with Informix: Your Data Model Should Not Restrict Data Access Get a sneak peak into the development of Hybrid Applications with Informix, as Erika Von Bargen and Shawn Moe take you through the deck that helps understand creating hybrid applications with Unified Data Access and perform hybrid operations
Requests For Enhancements (RFE) Enforce your influence on the product development by Requesting, Suggesting and Voting for new features or enhancement of existing ones, on IBM’s RFE Site.
Log in with your usual IBM ID, choose “Information Management” in the Brand dropdown box and “Informix Servers” or “Client Products” in the Products dropdown box.
IoT Video Tutorial Series
Series of Video Tutorials to configure IoT Kit on Raspberry Pi 2 A Series of Video Tutorials that provide Hands-on demo on various features of Informix in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. Click Here to view the YouTube Playlist
Parallel Sharding on IBM Informix using multiple Raspberry Pi devices Watch the YouTube video that showcases Informix Parallel Shard feature, being run against Informix distributed on multiple Raspberry Pi devices
Video Tutorial Series
Nuances of Informix TimeSeries Technology Get to learn the nuances of Informix TimeSeries technology, in under 10 minutes. The video tutorial shall take you through the TimeSeries components and list Shell Script that needs to be downloaded, to get a feel of hands-on experience. Also visit the Blog Series, that explains the Shell Script demo, in detail.
Series of Video Tutorials on Application development in IoT
Blog Series / Tutorials
Learn the Nuances of IBM Informix TimeSeries technology in under 10 Minutes A Blog series that lists blog works, illustrating the implementation of Rolling Window concept, Hertz data implementation, Swing Door compression algorithm, hybrid database ( TimeSeries + BSON ) with step by step information.
Using Mongo applications for IoT on IBM Informix This blog work lists on how to configure JSON listener in IBM Informix database using 3 simple steps. Click Here to get to know the step by step process.
Informix and NoSQL
A Tutorial Blog on Basics
Manipulating NoSQL-Collections and Documents
To get you familiar with the Informix NoSQL functionality, the set of Blog Works from Martin Fuerderer, ‘A Tutorial Blog‘ and ‘Manipulating NoSQL-Collections and Documents‘, provide a step-by-step tutorial with many examples as well as more in-depth background information.
IBM & Informix on Social Media
APIs bridge the gap between Internet of Things data and the cloud
The Internet of Things and cloud convergence opportunities
The Internet of Things is the killer app of the cloud, so no one should be surprised to hear that the devices that make up the Internet of Things must be connected to the cloud. Read out more on what Chris O’Connor, General Manager, Internet of Things, IBM, has got to say:
SoftLayer and AWS: What’s the Difference? People often compare SoftLayer with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s easy to understand why. But while the desire to compare is understandable, the comparison itself isn’t quite apt. The SoftLayer platform is fundamentally different from AWS. In fact, AWS could be run on SoftLayer. SoftLayer couldn’t be run on AWS.
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Welcome to the web page for IBM Informix users in India!

Dear Informix Enthusiast,

IBM Informix has reinforced its position as a next-generation database and has been successfully adopted by enthusiastic customers, existing and new alike. Continuing in the lines of its legacy, Informix India User Group has re-evolved to suit the business needs of the ever growing user community.

IBM Informix proudly presents the Informix India User Group with a new face and added facets that shall empower you to network,  collaborate and contribute on a global stage. Elevate yourself from a passive member to an active contributor and explore  the whole new User Group to network across geographies.

Informix India User Group is a public forum open to all Informix enthusiasts.  The User group is dedicated to learn, share and network on IBM Informix technology across geographies. The User group houses a comprehensive Wiki for end to end information on Informix, Forum to discusson features and technologies, Blog sections tries to put together the blogs written on Informix, Files section hosts a set of publicly available files on Informix technology, Events and Activities encourage users to participate, share their insights and do much more.

Register to IBM DeveloperWorks space and Join Informix India User Group today to get first hand information on Informix world, Participate in events & session, Author blogs and respond to queries & questions and Collaborate across geographies to share opinions & insights on Informix Technology

Informix India User Group – Newsletter ( January, 2015 )

Get to know the latest happenings in the world of IBM Informix, in the Newsletter for the month of January, 2015

IBM Informix

Meeting the Fast-Growing Chinese Database Demand

IBM and General Data Technology Company, Ltd, also known as GBASE, announced an agreement in November, 2014, to create a locally innovated database for the China marketplace. In support of China’s governmental national technology agenda, GBASE will develop and sell this local innovation based on IBM Informix technology.

IBM Achieves High Marks for Data Integration Tools

Review the Gartner analysis, “Critical Capabilities for Data Integration” for a full report of key findings in considering vendor delivery of critical capabilities for data integration.

Technical Features and Support

Internet of Things (IoT) on my Mind

IBM Informix is a front-runner for embeddability — and it has a unique seamless ability to integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, timeseries and spatial data. All of this can be done with a rich set of APIs that make it easy to get to marketable IoT product, for those willing to try.

Sign up for free, explore the options at IBM Internet of Things Foundation (IoT Foundation) and Try Quickstart to create your own Bluemix demo in minutes. Also take a sneak peak into your source for m2m / IoT demos, videos, and samples.

Informix on Social Media

DBMS Legacies are Very Sticky

An article by Donald Feinberg, VP Distinguished Analyst, 20 years at Gartner, 45 years IT industry, as posted on Gartner blog network. Take a closer look on his thoughts on IBM Informix, where he discusses ‘IBM positions Informix for three primary use cases’, which are …

Join in – Create your own blogs works on Informix India User Group forum

You have been the technical masters while working with Informix database servers in your organizations. There are times when you have come up with innovative solutions and novel ideas to fix an issue / scenario, enhance performance or reduce the administration efforts. IBM Informix India team appreciates the efforts you have put and encourages you to create your own blog works, sharing your thoughts on the technology and your deep skills on the features of Informix, you’ve been playing with. Get Started.

Take a look at few blogs contributed in the month of Jan, 2015

Events and Sessions Corner

Informix Training – Online

Advanced Data Tools offers 4-day course focussing on techniques for optimizing an Informix Database. Labs will demonstrate more than 100% performance improvement. Each student will have a 4-core Linux server with Informix 12 and a large dataset for benchmark exercises and labs.

Register to the 2015 IIUG Conference

The IIUG 2015 Conference is scheduled in San Diego, California, USA, from 26th to 29th of April, 2015. The registrations are open and is certainly a good opportunity to be part of the largest gathering of Informix DBAs, Developers and Business Partners in the world.

Chat with the Lab – Informix in the Internet of Things Foundation Service ( Completed on 22nd Jan, 2015 )

In 2014, IBM debuted many cloud based services, and Informix was part of the offerings. While you may be familiar with the Informix Time Series service in Bluemix, you may not be aware of the role Informix plays in the IBM Internet of Things Foundation (IoTF). IBM Internet of Things Foundation (IoTF) is a fully managed, cloud-hosted service that makes it simple to derive value from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. As well as allowing you to connect to and control devices, IoTF collects and manages IoT data using the Informix Historian database with Time Series.

Best Practices for Informix Developers – Upcoming Webcast

The webcast discusses Best Practices for programming, concurrency and tuning applications for Informix.

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