Optional tutorials are available for conference attendees on Sunday April 22nd. A half-day tutorial costs just $175. Two half-day tutorials costs $275.

Tutorials may be scheduled at registration or added after registration by logging in to the conference website with a registration number and last name. Title selections may be changed at no charge, but there is a $50 fee for cancellations prior to March 22, 2012. After March 22, 2012 there is no refund available for the tutorials.

IIUG 2012 Tutorials

SUNDAY MORNING TUTORIALS 8:30 AM - 12:00 PMIncludes continental breakfast 7:30 am - 8:30 am


Certification Preparation. Informix 11.70 System Administrator

Are you considering taking Informix certification exams? Good for you! Upgrading your skills and earning industry wide recognition for it through certification is an excellent way to move your career forward.

The Informix Certification tutorial is the fastest way to prepare for the Informix Certification programs. Attend this class for everything you want to know about the Informix certification programs. This class will cover: Exam Preparation Strategies, Preparation Resource, Exam score structure, Taking Certification Exam, Recommended Skills, Exam Contents etc.


Discovering and using Informix TimeSeries

You've been hearing about TimeSeries for a while. It's part of the IBM Smarter Planet but what is it and what does it take to use it? This session will give you hands-on experience with this exciting technology.


Using tools to monitor and tune Informix

Long time Informix user Art Kagel will explore monitoring and tuning a running Informix instance while it processes a version of last year's Fastest DBA Contest multi-user OLTP benchmark session. Attendees will learn what to look at and what to look for and how existing tools can help us do our jobs better and more easily.


HELP!!! I need an Informix Disaster Recovery plan!

Don't have an Informix Disaster Recovery (DR) plan or not sure if your DR plan is adequate? Want to experiment with Informix DR strategies? This tutorial will first walk you through the different tools, utilities, and features you can use to develop a DR strategy within Informix, including ontape, onbar, archecker, external, load/unload, mirroring, and HDR. You will then understand the pros and cons of various DR strategies. It will then be time for you to exercise Informix DR operations as a result of various failure situations - including performing DR due to instance, dbspace, and Primary server failures, recovering dropped tables, using mirrored disks to restore down dbspaces, and recovering using external backups. While conducting these experiments, you will also learn how to monitor the DR operations (data transfers, threads, servers, etc) for troubleshooting and tuning purposes. Discussions about the efficiency your DR strategy and/or plans will also be welcome throughout.


SUNDAY AFTERNOON TUTORIALS 13:00 PM - 4:30 PMIncludes lunch 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Windows ActiveDirectory Single-Sign-On and LDAP with IDS on Unix

Set up an IDS (on AIX) SSO (Kerberos) setup from scratch or into an existing Windows domain, with bits and pieces that are to be considered or can be incurred.


  • The SSO / Kerberos idea and architecture
  • Windows AD as a KDC and LDAP server for Unix hosts and services
  • IDS using LDAP, SSO and their combination
  • Typical problems


Hands-on with Informix Warehouse Accelerator

Informix has been adding functionality to its Data Warehousing capability. Informix Warehouse Accelerator enables customers to get results to analytical queries hundreds to thousands of times faster. This lab will give you an introduction to, and some hands-on experience with this new and exciting technology.


Crash course on Enterprise Replication

This presentation will give you introductory information on Informix Enterprise replication. Quick architectural overview on how ER works (source/target/replication queues etc.)? How to setup and ER and start replicating. ER related configuration parameters. Using onstat to monitor ER.


Achieving Blazing speed with the Informix Database Engine

This presentation will focus on how to improve you database performance. We will examine a few main areas which will give the student detailed knowledge about Informix Server. These include the how to improve the efficiency of your network, getting more bandwidth for less, improving the response time of connections, when and how to utilize fragmentation/partition to improve response times of queries especially on large tales, indexing and how you can improve the efficiency of indexes and the btree scanner. Lastly how to utilize the new performance features in Informix to increase performance for less work.


Data Warehousing with Informix

This tutorial gives an overview of the data warehousing functionality provided now with Informix 11.70. But it will also give a detailed explanation of how features like skip scan, multi-index scan, or push-down hash semi-joins work, and how they can be used to improve performance not only of the queries in your data warehouse, but also of your ETL/ELT processing. It shows best practices like which fragmentation strategy to use in which situation, when and which indexes to use, how to use external tables or how to use Informix Warehouse Accelerator. Also topics are discussed like why and how to use set-based SQL instead cursor-based programs, and how to convert cursor-based programs to set-based SQL statements.